2016 Coach Panel Survey



Dear Coach

sportscotland and sports coach UK are working together to deliver the 2016 Coach Panel Survey across the UK.

We are writing to ask for you help.

We want as many coaches as possible to take part and would be grateful if you would share this link and covering text, through all your networks.

About the Survey

The results should help us all better understand the coaching landscape: the diversity of the workforce; the amount and type of coaching sessions; support and development experiences.

This survey offers our coaches an opportunity to tell us what it is like to be a coach in 2016 and shape the support and services we provide. It should take 15mins to complete.

We want the voice of coaches to be heard and hope you can spare some time to help us reach as many coaches as possible.

The findings will be published on our website, so they can be used by all our partners and coaches.

If you would like any more information about this work, please contact our sportscotland Research Officer, Louise Dobbie at CoachPanelSurvey@sportscotland.org.uk

Thank you,

The research teams
(sportscotland and sports coach UK)

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The 2016 Coach Survey is now live! Please take part or share the link:
We want to reach all our coaches; to give our coaches a voice and better understand the needs of our coach workforce.